Sullivan, G. Art Practice As Research: Inqury In Visual Arts, SAGE Publications, Inc.,
(2010) Los Angles.

Available through Amazon, Printed Matter or Tim Roda The Butcher's Block
Edited by Nasim Weiler Contemporary, texts by Kimberly Roda Moorhead, Urseula Panhans-Buhler, and Dagrun Hintze, English/German 23 x 24.6cm,176 pages, 84 black & white photographs, hardcover Kodoji Press, Baden 2012
Price: $48.00

Garoian, C. The Prosthetic Pedagogy of Art: Embodied Research and Practice

State University of New York Press, (2012).

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Mediations Biennale, Polish Biennale 2012 Poznan, Poland

Uncanny Congruences, Palmer Museum of Art, University Park, PA